101A Circumcisions
101B Darul Muslimath, Weligama
102 Widow’s house  needs roofing [Sithy Aleema]
103 Conversion thro’ Health Programme – Puttalam
104 Medical student needs books
104B Mabole Roofless houses
105 Help girls to learn Islam – Mariam
106 10 year old needs heart surgery – Rs.120,000
107 Wells at Mabole
107B 2 more wells at Nawalapitiya & Anuradhapura
108 Woman in Iddah  – Electricity Bill [Rs.28,267.30]
109 Montessori – Help pay loan – Rs.30,000- [Denu Nagoor Ghani
110 ———-
111 Gampola Muslim School – toilets
112 Help Revert couple to buy land – Rs.125,000-
113 Mutur Exhibition
114 Wells at Ollikulam – 89 wells
115 Medical student in Russia needs assistance
116 Sponsorship of students
117 Jennathul Hafileen Arabic College for Orphans at Nuraicholai – Salaries of teachers of Quran
118 21 yr. old Kidney patient from Akurana for Kidney transplant
119 Orphans
119B Man with fractured ribs [Matale ] needs toilet seat
120 20 more deserving students
121 Thaha M.V. at Rambukkana needs Science lab
122 Weligama Orphans [Moulavi Ayesha
123 ———
124 Darun Nusra Orphanage
125 Poor Muslim girl [orphan] needs to study Islam
126 3 more reverts at Ummul Mumineen
126B 6 yr old twins need financial assistance for Cochlear transplant
127 Final Year Medical Students – Assistance
128 Bring a luggage
129 Another pathetic appeal – 2 orphans [no parents
130 Poor destitute Mohamediya Banu
131 Triplets need Milk
132 More students need sponsorship
133 35 year old from Kuchchaweli needs urgent Kidney surgery
134 Windy rains destroy houses a Kalutara
135 2 Appeals for heart surgery [Fathima Ayesha from Wattala & Fathima Ilma from Panadura]
136 Al Aqsa Jumma Masjid – Puttalam needs loudspeaker
137 Girl with Brain cancer
138 Marriage of orphans –1 at Puttalam and 2 at Akurana – needs Rs.15,000- each [Total Rs.45,000-]
139 Marriage of Blind man to orphan girl
140 Mother who attempted suicide
141 Grandmother in Iddah needs roofing [Rs.19,000-]
142 Revert mother – Zahara Mohamed from Enderamulla needs housing
143 Peon with 3 children need 18,000- for electricity connection
144 Poor family to repair roof – Rs.20,000-
145 Job Agency [Supporting Wings]
146 Medical student needs airfare to go to China on a scholarship
147 Mother with brain cancer needs Chemotherapy -Fathima Rizna
148 CIMA Students needs assistance to pay fees –Rs.40,000-
149 Mutur people needs help during fasting
150 Appeal for kidney transplant [Valaichenai]
151 Toilet for poor family from Boragas [Shyama Mumineen]
152 Ramazan appeal from Moneragala/Badulla for Kanji
153 Ulapane needs wells
154 Mosque at Akkaraipattu {Rs.2M]
155 Labourer Nazim needs roofing – Rs.20,000-
156 Well at Minuwangoda
157 2 mth old Baby needs heart surgery [thro’Fairoz Ashroff
158 Maggona kanji
159 Dry rations – Ramazan
160 Sankalady Muslim Vidyalaya, Katugastota – needs repairs
161 Daee married a widow – needs assistance to build house
162 8 mth Baby Mohamed Alan son of Moulavi – hole in the heart
163 Revert family to buy a hut – 2 ½ lakhs
164 Imam of Thalawakelle needs assistance for housing
165 2 Reverts need sponsorship – Ummul Mumineen
166 Prayer room for Muslim students at Hindu College at  Ratmalana – need Rs.85,000
167 Widow in Iddah with 13 children [Mabole] – Fakura – needs to build house
168 Orphan revert to study Islam at Darun Nusra
169 They live in some else’s kitchen
170 Mother of 4 young girls from Wattala needs heart surgery
171 Fathima Zahara Ladies Arabic College at Ottamawadi needs water tank – Rs.160,000
172 Brilliant student – Final; year [Nazreen ] needs help
173 Medical student in Russia – hostel fees
174 Loudspeaker for mosque at Malikaidu, Amparai[Rs.72,000
175 Widow with 3 children [Dharga Town] wants a house
Year 2008
176 Nuraicholai Orphanage [to feed children]
177 Revert mother [Kadija] needs help – monthly rental Rs.6000
178 Widow with 13 children [Rizmina Daulat] Maligawatte  – Rent
179 Rizana with 2 kids to re-build house
180 Floods in Akkaraipattu
181 Revert girl to study Islam [Fathima Reema]
182 Boy with Epispadias surgery – needs help
183 Circumcisions – Puttalam refugee children
183A Circumcisions – Trincomalee and Puttalam
184 Maharagama Cancer Hospital – Health Care Centre [Hostel
184A House of Allah –Abu Baker Mosque at Ekala – Assistance
185 Tsunami family roofing
186 Toilets for the poor
187 Mabole floods – Women &  children live on water
188 Heart surgery – 3 month old Baby
189 Madrasa run by disabled Moulavi
190 Thalaseemia patient [Fathima Muneera] needs help
191 Tsunami mother without house
192 One million trees project
193 Child with no place to go [Nihara of Panadura]
194 Widow with 13 children [Mabole] to complete house [second  appeal] needs Rs.75,000
195 Convert family of 14 Members [needs housing-Rs.200,000-]
196 Kola Kenda for needy school children
197 Circumcisions
198 Heart surgery – Father of 3 school going children
199 ———-
200 Sadaqa – Colombo/Bibile
201 Nobody’s child [orphan Raheema Nisa]
202 Ayesha to bring up her 2 children
203 Total Emersion Course
204 Young mother with 2 daughters with no place to go
205 Shahida – Help this family
206 Elderly couple with 20 yr old disabled child [Naufer]
207 Deaf and dumb couple at Minuwangoda  water connection- [25,000-]
208 9 year old physically handicapped child [Najith]
209 Suriyagama village – Community well
210 Rainbow Centre – School for disabled children
211 Heart surgery for child [Akkaraipattu]
212 Widow from Panadura needs assistance for electricity [35,000- for wiring 15,000- for connection]
213 M.F.C.D. /Floods, Floods, Floods [Malwana, Wellampitiya, Mabole]
214 First ever English medium Quran Madrasa for girls
215 Day Care Centre  at 43, Station Road, Dehiwela
216 15 year old boy from Thihariya needs help for surgery [Cirrhosis of liver]
217 Darun Nusra – Help the helpless
218 Help father to save his 14 yr old daughter [Asrifa]
219 What do we do to these girls [ 2 from Kurunegala and 2 from Mabole] needs Rs.40,000 each for 4 mths
220 Light and water for Madrasa at Akkaraipattu [Ansar Moulavi]
221 Give Sight to 100 children
222 Widow with 3 children [Zeenahul Sabra] Leaking roof – need Rs.50,000-
223 Please help Shaheeda
224 Three children deaf in one family
225 Let’s integrate reverts – Darun Nusra [Rs.30,000- per girl]
226 Your zakath
227 More circumcisions
228 ————-
229 Two girls living with grandmother
230 Arts student from Puttalam needs help to write thesis [Rs.12,600/-]
231 Medical student in Russia needs 3rd yr fees [Rs.240,000]
232 Text books for Quran Madrasa [Rs.500,000-]
233 Kanji for Puttalam [Ramazan]
234 Collection of excess food
—– 3 Children left by parents [Darun Nusra]
235 ———–
236 Help man to buy a piece of land
237 6 mth old baby needs heart surgery
238 ———–
239 Help orphan girl with infant [Darun Nusra]
240 Ulhiya
241 Gathering of Daees
242 Aftermath of floods
243 Help these orphans [1] 60 yr old Mother with cancer and 20 yr old granddaughter [2] widow with 2 boys and a girl
244 Revert needs help to learn Islam [Malwana]
245 15 year old school girl from Kandy needs help for heart surgery
246 This will make you cry – widow with 3 daughters [one pregnant]
247 Circumcision a Slave Island – Rs.15,000-
Year 2009
248 Eye Camp
249 Exercise books for needy children
250 Eye Surgery – 2009
251 Help revert girl with 2 + 1 kids
252 Help child to hear and speak [12 yr .old daughter of Moulavi
253 Help girl to learn Islam [family of 13 children]
254 Wheel chairs
255 Circumcisions [including reverts]
256 Appeal for electricity [Man from Puttalam with 5 children]
257 Training Centre for Daees
258 Help a helpless revert family [thro’ Zafar of Shabab]
259 Help semi-paralyzed lady to get internet connection
260 Boys’ Madrasa
261 People struggle to get water connection
262 Mother with 3 daughters struggle to survive
263 2 Simple requests [1] Clothes for 6 Darun Nusra girls [2] 3 moths rent for poor family @ Rs.2,500- p.m. [Rs.7,500-]
264 Dharul Hasanath Children’s Home [sponsor 2 orphan girls looked after Moulavi and wife] needs Rs.7,000- p.m.
—– Help patient for by-pass surgery [A.C.M.Shafee] Appeal by Shzuli
265 Help mother with 2 Thalasseamia children [Rs.3,000- p.m. for blood transfusion/strips for Glucometer
266 Workshop for Female University students
267 Help a remote school [Kurugoda Boys’ School]
268 Help a heart patient for surgery [father of 3 needs another Rs.100,000-]
269 Widow with disabled child need Rs.3,000- p.m.
270 Control of dengue by clean environment – need Rs.10,000-
271 Help needed to complete education – 7 O’ level students and 5 University students
272 Education of Youth
273 ————
274 Blind couple with 2 children need Rs.4,000- for sustenance
275 Help family of  4 deaf and dumb children
276 Give your zakath to these needy people
277 Help Beruwela victims family
—– Tsunami Training Project
278 Circumcision of boys – Lets fulfill the wajib duty of the community
—–  Appeal for house for poor girl [Misfa Abdul Gaffoor of Nambuluwa] App. By Zufica Moulavia
—– Rizwana’s house [Appeal by Hilru Siddique]
279 ————
280 ————
281 Zakath projects
282 Requesting study material for Rajarata University students
283 Help almost blind person to survive [Mr.Wahab of Puttalam] need Rs.150,000- to build house
284 100 Adult reverts need circumcision
285 ————
286 For those who want to give Qurban this year
287 Golden Day  Saturdays at Al Muslimaath for ladies
288 ————
289 ————
290 Widow with 13 children [Rizmina Daulat] Maligawatte  – needs housing [Refer.178
Year 2010
291 Still 4000 children need circumcisions [Rs.1,200- per child]
292 Its end of year – poor children need school books and stationery
293 A bright student needs help to study in Egypt
294 Help revert sister with 2 children from Kahataowta – Rs.3,000- p.m. to survive
—— Well Project
—— Orphans’ Project
295 Assistance for 2 mosques [1] Electricity for 1 Mosque [Rs.48,000-] [2] Toilets for an old mosque [need Rs.150,000-]
—— Financial support required for 2 Kidney patients  [Appeal from Nazeera/Azra]
296 Women prisoners in Welikada need Quran translations
—— Help the poor Project – HCI
297 Help Darun Nusra Girls [need cut pieces from factory
298 ———-
299 Computer classes for ladies especially mothers
300 Integrating Revert sisters into society [ Need 2 sets of Abayas and hijabs for 60 sisters]
301 Help this revert to live with son
302 2 Mosques [1]  Mattakuliya Kumbulella – Rs.700,000- to buy land- Appeal by Shamila  [2] Mabole Mosque Rs.20,000- for doors and windows  Appeal by Naima
303 Can you help Faika to settle down
304 Only 1500 Cases of Circucisions [need Rs.1,500- for each case]
304A 2 Cases – Small help great rewards [1] Revert lady with 2 girls husband deserted [2] Revert with 2 children husband deserted [thro’ Nida Found.]
305 Two more requests for loans [1] Faika – Rs.125,000- loan to pay advance for house [2] Revert who lived at Darun Nusra need Rs.96,000- loan
306 Revert – One more step – Change of name
307 More Mosques need Sandaqs  [Kolonnawa]
308 Donate newspapers and magazines
309 Flood Relief
310 This family [of 5] at Mabole needs Rs.30,000- to settle down
311 Funding the future of our school  – Al Asafeer – Rs.50,000- p.m.
312 Lets give shelter [Widow from Puttalam with 3 grown up girls [38-40] youngest retarded
313 Family of 6 needs pipe borne water [Rs.75,000- for connection] Inaya of Darun Nusra
314 Another Moulavia struggle to complete house – need Rs.50,000- [thro’Ayesha Moulavia]
315 Your zakath for sadaqathul jaariya [Pipe orne water needed] Rs.18,000- per pipe
316 Zakath for a house for deserving family at Vijithapura [needs Rs.170,000-] thro’ Dr.Ziyad
317 Help divorcee from Pasyala with 4 children [for roofing] – need Rs.10,000-
318 Toilet for 7 families – Need Rs.25,000-
319 House at Bamunuwela [S.M.M.Nazeer] Needs Rs.60,000- [thro’ Dr.Ziyad
320 ——-
321 Lady to start bag business [S.S.Suhairaiya]Bamunwela
322 Bright student in International school needs  help [Rs.20,00-] Roshan
323 Dry rations for the poor
324 ———-
325 Classes for women in need – Ramazan [Rs.250- per pack]
326 Puttalam Refugees [for kanji and widows] thro’Ishrat Rauff]
327 Lets help those who work in the way of Allah
328 ——–
330 A Mosque for re-settlement area in Musali, Mannar
331 ——–
332 Arabic College for English Medium students
333 ——–
334 Build two wells at Puttalam and do Sadaqathul Jaariya
335 Sponsor a child to study at Ummul Mumineen
336 Poor mother with breast cancer needs milk food for new born infant
337 The orphans need tables and chairs in the school [Meelad School]
338 Paralyzed revert brother from Panadura needs Rs.3,000- p.m. to survive
339 Dayee [Moulavi/Moulavia] wit 2 children needs a house [Rs.150,000-] thro’ Fareeha Moulvia
340 Mother of 3 needs help to complete house – Rs.89,000-
341 Another mother with cancer [paratoid gland in fact] needs help.[Provides shorteat for school canteen]
341A Help this revert lady with rent
341B Help poor students with school books for new term
342 Emergency request for flood affected families at Sawarana, Chilaw [thro’ ishrat Rauff]
—– Deserving family at Bandaranayakepura, kurunegala needs housing [thro’ Ziyad Mohamed]
—– Help destitute sick revert mother with 2 sons for housing  needs /rs.60,000-
343 ——
344 ——
345 Help we need a printer [office & Darun Nusra]
346 Masjid Ummul Mumeen., Puttalam needs a Sandak [Rs.15,000-
347 Refugee needs Rs.38,500 to buy land
348 Send your old telephone directories to help a lady to survive
YEAR 2011
349 Food victims
350 Our orphans need help [DARUN NUSRA]
351 A house for an orphan girl [Rahuminisa] Teacher at Darun Nusra
352 Widowed father with two daughters
353 Help to put up a roof for the mosque at Kekunugolla – need Rs.221,000-
354/313 Totally blind father wih mentally handicapped child needs Rs.5,000- p.m. for existence
355 ——-
356 Give a child his hearing  – Needs 4 lakhs
357 Please help Da’ee to buy a house – need 3 lakhs
358 Help young girl affected by Steven Johns syndrome to see
359 Help these three widows to educate their children –  need Rs.2,000-p.m.
360 Feed our orphans and destitute with zakath [DARUN NUSRA]
361 Help this young boy to survive – heart surgery – needs Rs.7 lakhs
362 Help a paralaysed old man [revert]
363 Little boy needs a bone marrow transplant {Thalassemia]
364 Make them happy on Day of Eid – need Rs.5,000- per family for Eid
365 Help this young man to obtain his MBA [M.Safraz  Irfan] needs Rs.450,000-
366 Help the blind to see with just Rs/.500-
367 Help the re-settlers to have decent toilets
368 Revert Muslim need Rs.150,000- for housing
369 Help a poor couple with no children, husband with kidney failure – Need /rs.10, survive
370 Al Muslimaath to set up a school for differently disabled children
371 School books for poor students – 2011
YEAR 2012
372 Help extend mosque for poor [Jamiul Anver Jumma Mosque, Talawakelle
373 Help poor girl to become a doctor
374 Help Almuslimaath Reverts Programme –  Need Rs.15,000- for a week
—– UMMUL MUMINEEN – MCR  Training School – Pre-school teachers
New 313 Help the helpless family –Totally blind father with handicapped child
375 Almuslimaath opens Rainbow Centre for Disabled children.
376 Appeal from Kandy Moulavi to repair his road – needs Rs.60,000-
377 Request for drinking water during Ramazan at Trincomalee
378 Delgoda Mosque needs a Sandaq
379 Requests for Sandaqs
380 Help Medical student to complete MBBS
381 ———
382 Please send us your zakath
383 Please help student to study Quran at Madrasa
384 Help the ladies version of Jamiathul Ulama
385 clothes for the poor for festival
386 Sadaqathul Fitr
387 Please help the poor who are marooned by floods
388 School books and stationery for the poor students
389 Help a blind girl to become an Alim [Akkaraipattu]
390 Building for Almuslimaath Orphanage [DARUN NUSRA]
391 Help the orphans’ school books project
391 Almuslimaath to establish a Boys College at Dehiwela
391 Help those affected by floods
 YEAR 2013
392 Help a student to complete her research
393 Master Mohamed Shamry for Cochlear Implant
394 Appeal for help to pay loan for orphanage
395 Help the poor orphans with your zakath [at least Rs.1,500- per child for food, education etc]
396 Please help refugees with dry rations
397 ———-
398 Help complete building for Arabic College, Kattankudi, Batticaloa
399 Help revert widow with mentally retarded son
400 Help girl to become a doctor [at least Rs.10,000- per month]
401 Ulhiya by Al Muslimaath
402 Festival clothes for poor children for Eid
403 School stationery for poor and needy children
404 A school for boys in Dehiwela
405 Please help a child to speak
406 An orphan youth needs help [at least Rs.15,000- p.m.]
 YEAR 2014


407 Medical baby born with clef lip and palate [needs Rs.75,000-]
408 Mentally retarded partially paralyzed child needs a wheel chair [Cost Rs.15,000-]
409 Orphan girl wants to buy 8 perches of land for 2 lakhs
410 Toilet for man with no legs
411 Help a 19 year old girl for heart operation – Needs Rs.675,000-
412 Help a 19 year old girl for heart operation – Needs Rs.675,000-
413 Deserted young mother loses everything in fire
414 Refugee children from other countries
415 This mother needs to get a prosthetic arm, needs 150,000
416 A poor medical student needs help to continue her studies
418 A child needs a G2 chair
419 Help the destitute children to gain education with your zakath.
420 Floods in Kaluthara and Mabole
421 Help the poor with your zakath
422 How does harthal and peace rallies help? Let’s educate them
423 Festival clothes for the poor, orphans and widows
424 Festival treat for the inmates of Cancer Hospital
425 Help a little girl to hear and speak
426 Zakath Recipient of Alassafeer International School Up to August 2014(2)
427 7 year old child needs help for heart surgery
428 Ulhiya by Almuslimaath
429 Put a smile on a poor child’s face this Eidul adhha!
430 Help three helpless women of the same family
431 Helping for daeeya’s to study is the greatest sadaqathul jariya
432 Request for assistance to buy a land for Darunnusra
433 Urgent: Torrential rain in Polonnaruwa leaves people homeless
434 The poor children need help to go to school
435 Help a Bright Medical student
436 The Steven Johnson syndrome girl needs help.
 YEAR 2015


437 More university students needing help
438 ——–
439 Our new project – kathna for poor boys
440 Help the baby’s heart surgery
Distribution of Ex-books in Collaboration with Human Concern International Canada at Kahatapitiya Ahadiya School
Collection Clothing/Footwear
Four houses got burnt down – they have nothing
441 Jayawadanagama Masjid Land Project
442 Water tanks for “Musali” resettled people
Women’s Bayan & Dry Ration at YMMA Maligawatte
Dry Ration 2015
446  Put a smile on the face of a poor child on the coming Eidul Fithr Festival day
Women’s Bayan & Dry Ration at YMMA Maligawatte
Dry Ration 2016
449  Put a smile on the face of a poor child on the coming Eidul Fithr Festival day
451 Women’s Bayan & Dry Ration at YMMA Maligawatte
452 Dry Ration 2017
YEAR 2016
Paint Please
455 This little one had surgery but needs help!
Qarlan hasanan Project
459  Feed our 25 destitute children a day just for Rs.10,000 (47GBP, 70 USD)
460 A father’s plea to buy a PET scanner for our cancer hospital
461  Help a youngster for higher studies

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