Do you want a child?

Assalamu alaikum. A child is born with Down’s syndrome 3 days back. The father does not want the child and the mother has no say in the matter. The child is up for legal adoption but so far no takers. We at Darun nusra  (Our House of Benevolence) would love to take the child but have no wherewithal to look after a newborn special child – child will need a 24 hour …

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(375) Almuslimaath opens Rainbow Centre for Disabled children

Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu As you are probably aware Almuslimaath runs Rainbow Center, a FREE school for the differently-abled ( commonly known as Disabled) children and adults, of all religion and races, called . This sector of  the society is a forgotten, neglected lot. The parents are often poor with an additional burden of looking after a heavily dependent child.  The irony …

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