Assalamu alaikum.

A child is born with Down’s syndrome 3 days back. The father does not want the child and the mother has no say in the matter. The child is up for legal adoption but so far no takers. We at Darun nusra  (Our House of Benevolence) would love to take the child but have no wherewithal to look after a newborn special child – child will need a 24 hour nurse with special nursing care. the child may grow to  be a quite normal child or may be mentally retarded. Only time will tell.
Is anyone interested in adopting  this child? the adoption will be done  quite legally.
If not the child may end up at a non Muslim orphanage.
while pondering on the matter I will strongly urge you to watch the following you tube  show:
Folks, this will make you thankful for everything you have.As one of the judges said “Will make everything you worry about seem so
pathetic”.Please take a few minutes to watch this. It will make your day.

From Wikipedia: 

 Down syndrome is associated with a delay in cognitive ability and physical growth, and a particular set of facial characteristics. The average IQ of young adults with Down syndrome is around 50, compared to children without the condition with an IQ of 100A large proportion of individuals with Down syndrome have a severe degree of intellectual disability.

Many children with Down syndrome who have received family support, enrichment therapies and tutoring manage to graduate from high school and are able to do paid work and some participate in post-secondary education as well. Early childhood intervention, screening for common problems, medical treatment where indicated, a conducive family environment, and vocational training can improve the overall development of children with Down syndrome. Education and proper care will improve quality of life significantly, despite genetic limitations.

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