projects of Almuslimaath

1. Set up a Center where all the projects of Almuslimaath will be under one roof. 2. Set up a Muslim Leisure center for Boys 3. Set up a residential school for Disabled children 4. Help eradicate Dengue by educating the Housewives on Garbage disposal 5. Help set up Ummul Mumineen branches in each province […]

(214) First ever English medium Quran Madrasa for girls

Assalamu Alaikum. The first ever English medium Quran madarasa for the girls was opened at 181, Ananda Mawathe, Maradana this month (June,2008). Girls of 11 to 13 years of age are enrolled to follow a course of Quran and Hathees, arabic, hifl etc. in the morning and secular education to prepare them for the local […]

(215) Day Care Centre at 43, Station Road, Dehiwela

Assalamu alaikum warah wabarakathuhu Al Muslimaath has opened a Day care center for the convenience of working mothers at 43, Station Road, Dehiwala, alhamdulillah. Since it is situated in the same premises as our nursery there are plenty of play equipments and ample play area for the children. As our evening madrasa is conducted within […]

(392 B) Help us to sustain Zaid bin Thabith Madrasa

Assalamu alaikum We run a Quran madrasa for children and ladies  at Kalubowila on hospital road and we find the attendees are not able to pay  the fees to sustain the madrasa. If the rental of Rs.12,000 can be paid we can continue with this service. Obviously this is sadaqathul jariya of the highest order. If we close this madrasa the children will have to travel far to learn to recite the Quran. Do please […]

(383) Please help student to study Quran at Madrasa

Update:This project is fully subscribed, alhamdulillah!  closed for donations.  Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu A very poor family is struggling to complete the studies of the son at the Quran madrasa. They are overdue for payment for 3months, at the rate of Rs.4000 a month. He will need sponsorship fro another year. You can donate from […]

Zaid bin thabith madrasa

Zaid bin thabith madrasa – Quran Madarasa for Chldren 256, Hospital Road, Dehiwela. This is a madrasa conducted for young boys and girls who wish to learn Quran recitals according to the correct way. The classes are held every weekday in the evenings. The teachers are well qualified and experienced in this field. Due to the […]

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