Madrasathul Muslimaath

Madrasathul Muslimaath (Closed)

“The best amongst you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.”
Madrasathul Muslimaath is run by Al-Muslimaath organization. It teach the young children Quran recitation methodically according to Thajweed.
It is currently at the Head Office of Al-Muslimaath,
02, Boteju Mawatha, Off School Lane, Station Road, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka. Tp +94 11 273 6577

Girls of any age and boys of less than 10 years are taught to read the Quran in Thajweed way and to understand the Quran. The novel method of Iqra is introduced all over the island by Al Muslimaath and the books to teach through this method are published by us which are used in most of the Madrasas in the island now.
Here Quran recital is taught according to Thajweed method by trained moulavias and teachers. Dua, Hifl and Islamic practices etc. are taught according to a three year plan syllabus. Hifl is part of the syllabus.
Iqra Books from 1 to 7 are published by almuslimaath – including Hadees and Dua books in all 4 languages – Arabic, English, Tamil and Sinhalese version in the same book.
We publish above mentioned books & distributes to the Madarasas island wide for free of charge on their requests.
A study circle is held for them on Thursdays at the Madrasa at 4.30 p.m. till 6.00 p.m. at which Islamic way of life is taught through story telling.
Mission: Giving the children a good Islamic education by educating them the Quran methodically
& teaching them Hadees, Arabic & Islamic way of life In Sha Allah!
Vision: Educating the children * Quran recital (with Thajweed)
* Arabic reading & speaking
* Explanation of Quran & Hadees
* Hifl – Memorization of Quran
* Duas & Hadees Memorization

Class hours: 3pm – Monday to Friday
History: Almuslimaath opened up Madarasathul Muslimaath in the year of 2000. We teach the poor children for free of charge. We rented a building at 43, Station Road, Dehiwela, SL and we gave free transport to the children to make them interest to come to study Quran. Then our number of student was passing 100. Due to the financial expenses, we had to stop the transport and very recently in 2017 Feb, we moved our Madarasa back to our head office.
Now number of usthazas are four & number of students are 23.

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Assalamu alaikum We run a Quran madrasa for children and ladies  at Kalubowila on hospital road and we find the attendees are not able to pay  the fees to sustain the madrasa. If the rental of Rs.12,000 can be paid we can continue with this service. Obviously this is sadaqathul jariya of the highest order. If we close this madrasa the children will have to travel far to learn to …

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