(383) Please help student to study Quran at Madrasa

Update:This project is fully subscribed, alhamdulillah!  closed for donations. 
Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu

A very poor family is struggling to complete the studies of
the son at the Quran madrasa. They are overdue for payment for 3months,
at the rate of Rs.4000 a month. He will need sponsorship fro another year.
You can donate from your zakath.
*Now you can pay by pay pal on our website! Go to www.almuslimaath.com*

*Or For bank Remittances:** *
*Account :    Almuslimaath
Account number 1580008015
Commercial bank,
Galle Road,
Sri Lanka.
Swift code:  CCEYLKLK

Jazakallahu khairan.
We pray that Allah, Almighty, record this effort as a good deed, done in
defense of His religion and solely for His pleasure, and that He make it
reach and benefit those who need it most.
May Allah bless you and guide us all in the straight path.

Do let us know when you deposit  any money the name of the donor and the
address  so that we can send you the receipt.
Those who wish to send  money orders please send the money to Post office /
and  those who wish to send  cheques or receive details of the recipients
may obtain the details by

writing to  this e mail address

or to
< [email protected]” style=”color:rgb(17, 85, 204);font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-size:12.666666984558105px”> [email protected]>

or  by writing to

2, Botheju avenue,
Off school Lane,
Off station Road,

or to
P.O. Box 143

phone +94 11 2736577

*Dr.Reffai/ Coordinator *

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