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السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

To whom it may concern

Darun Nusra (House Of Benevolence) caters for orphans, destitutes, street children and abused children;
We house them, feed them, educate them and either find jobs for them or get them married or some times find a relative who will safely house them while we provide for the child’s upkeep. So, this is a transit home for the needy children and women.

At any given time usually there are 25 – 35 people in this place. Presently there are 21 school going girls, 2 mentally retarded girls, 4 volunteer teachers and
3 staffs.

These girls are studying in Alasafeer international school and they travel by our own vehicles.
Children travel to school by our bus and for class they travel by van.

We were given advice by the Probation and child care centre to send the children in a vehicle and not in private bus. We have received our registration for the child development center under Probation and child care protection Department on the 21st September 2016.  Please find attached registration copy.

We are looking for financial assistance to settle the van  and bus loan and We have obtained loan from Amana Bank.

We have to pay monthly
Rs. 68,181.00 for Nissan Vannett van and Rs. 142,166.00 monthly for the Toyota coaster bus.

Our account details are as follows

Account name  :
Almuslimaath Darun Nusra

Account # 1580040663

Bank name and Branch : Commercial bank, Dehiwela Branch

Please find below the vehicle details.

   Darun Nusra vehicles outstanding details

Van was purchased on 18th March 2014 from Ali brothers

Make and model : Nissan Vannette Diesel van

Engine no- RF 213578   Chassis no. SKF2VN – 202798

Year of manufacturer – 2007

Vehicle registration number WP PF 5264

Number of installments to pay = 60 (Rs. 4,090,862.13)

Number of installments settled = 29 (Rs. 1,977,249.00)

Balance installments to settle = 31 (Rs. 2,113,613.13)

Monthly installment to be settled Rs. 68,181.00

Van of Darun Nusra



Bus was purchased on the 6th July 2015 from Dhammika motors kalubowila

Make and model : Toyota coaster Bus BDG XZB50

Chassis no : XZB50- 0055069

Engine no: NO4C- UB 12334

Year of manufacturer : 2010

Vehicle registration number: WP NC 3397

Number of installments to pay = 60 (Rs. 8,529,990.37)

Number of installments settled = 15 (Rs. 2,132,490.00)

Balance installments to settle = 45 (Rs. 6,397,470.00)

Monthly installment to be settled Rs. 142,166.00

We are looking forward for a favorable response.

Bus of Darun Nusra


Jazakallah khairan

Mrs. M. A. S. Zahira
Admin in charge of Darun Nusra child development centre
No. 39/7A, Peiris Avenue, Kalubowila.
0771072286 / 0777565176

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