Leave Mosquito larvae traps in the garden

That is the plastic bottles cut into half and the top portion put upside down into the lower portion wiht water poured in.

We have made the bottles ready to use for attracting the mosquitoes. Anyone can pick up at almuslimaath, 2, botheju avenue,off school lane, off station road, DEHIWELA. With sugar solution and yeast it certainly attracts MOSQUITOES.

The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is glucose/sugar (C6H12O6) in the presence of the yeast enzyme zymase reacts to produce 2C2H5OH (ethanol) +2CO2 (carbon dioxide). This is the ethanol fermentation process used to make beer, wine and bread.

The chemical reaction between yeast and sugar produces *ethanol.* We know that ethanol is the principal type of alcohol found in alcohol beverages, produced by the fermentation of sugar by yeast. I think this answers your questions.

Cut a plastic bottle into two invert upper part into the lower, pour sugar mixture Made From warming 1/2cup sugar with one cup water, let it cool, add 1/2 tsp yeast and wrap with newspaper, leave in dark place. Carbon dioxide emerges and attracts mosquito, Cockroach and other insects. Will work for two weeks.

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