Saliheen Jummah Mosque – Maligaikadu

Maligaikaduis an adjacent muslim village which is located on the coastal belt of the ampara district in sri lanka. The religious and administration of the village comes under this mosque. The population of the village is 8350 respectively and most of the part of this village is affected by last tsunami with the death roll of 204 people.

Unfortunately this Jummah mosque is still not completed and there is no sdound system also. the people are coming and going to jummah without benifiting from jummah because they are unbable to listen to the jummah bayan. It is very important to arrange a sound system to this jummah mosque very immediately.

The trustee of this mosque is expecting from a donor or a well wisher to help them buy a sound system as follows:

Model no. Quantity description

  1. SSA – 160M1PA amplifiers
  2. AU – 604PA driver units
  3. WFA – 21″4PA horn
  4. AUD – 101XLR1 Microphone
  5. DGN 1 Mike stand
  6. ASC – 20T2PA column speaker
  7. 41yar Mike wire
  8. 60yar 2 core wire

Approx. amount – 72,000/-

The expected amount is exactly Rs.72,000 (650 USD).

Please pay your attention on this matter and do your valuable help to this vulnerable people. May almighty Allah guide us in his straight path and accept our services.



A Donor – 100 USD

Jazakallah Khairan, May Allah Bless Him and His Family!


Saliheen Jummah Masjid1

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