Maligawathe – even more shocking

Assalamu alaikum

We had about 500 people today and I spoke to them for  about an hour.
guess what???
About 90% of them do not know  to recite  the Quran, were eager to learn it, even the old ones
about 95% have not seen a translation of the Quran in their lives!  and 95% of them do not pray – probably do not know how to  pray. few young boys aged 8-14 were there and do not know to recite the Quran.
98% of the ladies  have not gone beyond grade 5
I offered 10 scholarship for young girls  aged 16 – 25 years to study in our Ummul mumineen finishing school -each cost us Rs.35,000- 4 months in- hostel study of Quran, sunna, thajweed,  cookery, sewing, englsih, computer, house keeping, mehendi etc.
We will find the money somehow insha Allah. . there were more than  10 girls who immediately  booked the place.
If we can train them, they can go back and change the attitude of these people. some have attended the lecture last time and said their parents are very keen to enroll them in our school.
Huge uphill task to change the status of these people – but then for The Arrazzaq it is a simple matter. .
By the way Sanadiya could not make it this time said there was a bad patient and may come next time insha Allah.
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