Let us give them a shelter

There is a family in Puttalam where the mother is a widow and has three unmarried girls aged between 38 – 42 and the youngest of them is  mentally retarded.

She has one son who is married and settled in Kurunegala; he is a laborer and he is the one who provides for them.
We are trying to get them gainfully employed in a small way insha Allah.

They at present are living in a small hut which is almost falling apart. When it rains they live in a totally wet place for days. They happen to own this piece  of land and if they have a house to shelter them from the onslaught of the elements,  it will be of great solace for them. We can put up a small house for Rs.200,000.

Would you like to help them even partially please? Your zakath can go into this.

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