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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

We received an appeal as below:


Mrs.Roshan Cader

102/26, Sri Wickramapura,
Mrs.Loma Wright
51, Temple Rd,
Colombo 15.
Dear Madam,

Years ago I wasthe first to oin you & Bro Emmanuel in LCCS work in the slums of Colombo North.

You helped us. Teachers collected the slum children & going to Nursery school. When they were six years old, You got the teachers to have them enrolled in the school of the area –Hamza, Sri Sangabodhi Tamil, Hindu, St’ Anthony’s Mahawatte.

When my husband had his leg burnt by the Pettah bomb blast, You helped me to get a small one room house from the NHDA.

I now have 5 children that makes seven of us. Pl help me to add two rooms. It is hopelessly urgent.
I need 300 block bricks, 500 bricks, 20 bags of Cement, 2 cubes sand & want Rs.1000/- per day for a bass & couple of helpers.
I’m enclosing costs. I shall be very, very greatful for this assistance with extra space. I could have an English class as well.
A.C.Sithy Cader.

Alhamdhulillah! WAMY financed for this construction.


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