Update:This project is fully subscribed, alhamdulillah! closed for donations.

Assalamu Alaikum,
When I went to akurana I came across this amazing man. He is from Hapugastalawa and had hired a 3 wheeler and was going from house to house collecting 100 or 50 rupees each.

When I inquired he said he lost both legs (Yes, the picture shows only one leg severed, actually the other leg is severed below the knee) while crossing a railway line on 22.11.2004 and had been collecting money for the prosthetic legs ever since!
The total cost of prosthetic legs for both legs is Rs.150,000. He had collected about Rs.100,000 and is short of Rs.50,000!

He is a father of 2 school going children.


Alhamdhulillah, the fund was given by a donor to fulfill this task. May Allah bless him & his family!


A Donor – Rs.37,500

Donation of a Prosthetic Leg

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