This Almuslimaath x DressHead Maxi Dress – Lace Trim / Long Sleeve is not one you will find just anywhere. There is a lot about this piece that makes it memorable for others and for you. First of all, the coloring is a favorite and this particular shade is one that looks both sweet and classy. The bodice of this dress is tight to help keep it in place. This is necessary due to the strapless design of the piece to keep it from falling and revealing parts of yourself you may not want to reveal. The skirt is long and beautiful. Its length and pleated look give it the perfect appeal for a dress to go out dancing in. Weddings, nights out with your girls, and a formal dance event are just a few occasions to wear this gorgeous Almuslimaath x DressHead Maxi Dress – Lace Trim / Long Sleeve. It’s a timeless look that will never let you down when you need to make a good impression.

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