Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
As you are aware Almuslimaath runs a low cost high standard International school in Dehiwela. At this Alasafeer International school we have a nursery and classes upto Grade 8. However we have been taking in boys upto Grade 5 only. After Grade 5 they have to leave the school and find other schools, whiel the girls continue to study in our school.
Now it has come to light that many of the boys who left our school could not get admission to   another school due to high admission fees and high school fees and are at home, having stopped schooling. There is only one Government Muslim school in Dehiwela and it is over crowded due to lack of space. The school is mixed and often two classes are conducted in the same class rooms.
Many of the parents cannot afford to pay even the low cost of monthly fee of Rs.1500/ 2000
Unless we do something positive many of these boys are goign to be uneducated even to the basic levels.
With all these considerations we have decided to open a school for boys at low cost from Grade 4 up to Grade 12 and to rent out a building we need assistance from the public. Minimum rental of  a 4 bedroomed building is Rs.40,000 – Our schools are run not for profit rather as a service.
We seek help from generous donors to finance at least the first year of such a school by assisting us with the rental, furniture and the teachers’ salary – which will amount  one million rupees (about 8000 USD).
If one wants to they can consider this to be an investment and take the profits, if any.
Needless to say we teach everything based on Islamic values, through qualified teachers.  And this is indeed a sadaqatul jariya.

May Allah help us to launch this worthwhile project.


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