Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu

Almuslimaath has been conducting lectures and giving holistic assistance for revert families on last Saturdays of the month, for the last 3 years, alhamdulillah. Most of them are married to Muslim men but have no idea what Islam is about whatsoever.


. Since most of them know Sinhalese better we have been conducting the lectures in Sinhalese and many Muslims – specially from these people’s families and from very poor areas opted to join the classes and we could not refuse. we usually pay them transport cost since they come form Mabole, Malwana and Panadura and also give them lunch. as such each class used to cost us about Rs.10,000

Now the numbers ave increased and the  people who attend want the classes held weekly. As such we need help with payment for their transport otherwise they will not be able to come.

We need at least Rs.10,000 a week to have about 50 stud nets who are mostly married young ladies.

Also there are 10 couples who are living together without getting married properly. we intend to perform their nikah on a  day probably before the Ramazan.

Please help us to continue this worthwhile cause since when they came to us the first time most fo them  did not even know to say the shahada and did not  know to pray or recite the Quran. Now they are learning all these and even their appearance has changed to be respectable ladies.

Since all of them are zakath recipient, please help us with your zakath to continue to run this program.

We need Rs.10,000 x 4 x 12 =Rs.  480,000  = about 3700 USD for a year.

Please do help these people  by donating   at least  for one single class.

All of them will be eligible for zakath so you can pay from your zakath too.

It will be a sadaqathul jariya.

May Allah accept this from you and us.
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