Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu

As usual  this year too there are lot of children  who will not be able to have a happy eid ul fithr as they will not be able to have new clothes. Almuslimaath is intending to help these poor children who are obviously  eligible as zakath recipients.

A child will need only Rs. 500  (=4 USD) for  new clothes. You can bring a smile onto a poor child’s face by just donating  4 dollars!

Would you do it? We have less than  48 hours.  Please Hurry!


 For all Remittances: 



Alhamdhulillah A donor pledged to transfer US $ 400 to buy new clothes for 100 children on the same day!   

Jazakallahu khairan. May Allah dress him & his family in Jannah with the clothes of the jannah. .


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