Update: This project is fully subscribed, alhamdulillah!  closed for donations.

Assalamu alaikum.
The people in many Trincomalee  villages find it hard to get drinking water. They often have to trek long distances  to collect water. Imagine the problem  they will face in Ramadhan?
We appeal to you to help the Thopur people in trincomalee to have drinking water during Ramazan.
The Muslim Aid has given a bowser to transport water to the houses from far  but we have to find ways to run the bowser.
The total cost  for this including driver, fuel and pumping labour is  to be Rs.125,000 totally for the month. The breakdown is attached herewith.
Great sadaqa during the holy month. .

Please contribute even partially.  May Allah bless you and guide you.

For all Remittances:

May Allah bless the donors and their families and endow on all of you excellent prosperity in the future years. 

Jazakallahu Khairan once again for your generosity.




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