Assalamu Alaikum

Almuslimaath is organizing a program for the revert sisters on the  last Saturday of every month Insha Allah.

There will be lectures to obtain  knowledge on how to perform the duties of a Muslim woman, and they will be helped to obtain their reversion certificates, change of names and change of ID, given free hijabs and abayas and also helped if they are in financial difficulties.

Up to this month WAMY has been financing this worthwhile program and now they have informed us that they cannot help us in this program any more due to financial restrain.May Allah bless them for the  service they have provided so far.

. This is a really effective program where we have seen the revert sisters transforming  from being “so called Muslims”  to totally dedicated Muslims with dignity and knowledge.

We would l like to hold this program every Saturday if possible.

Would you like to finance this program? We need just RS.15,000 per week including food and transport for the attendees.

This is for dissemination of  knowledge and  this is sadaqathul jariya, for these revert mothers are the ones who will be educating their own children on Islam.

You can pay from your zakath since all these people are entitled to zakath.

For further information call  2736577 Almuslimaath.

Jazakallahu Khairan

Fathima -Program Chairperson

For all Remittances:

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