Assalamu alaikum.

I received this e mail today. self explanatory. would you like to help please? Even partially – can be from your zakath.
Assalamu Alaikum
From Shazuli:
Mohamed Haris (35) is a revert Muslim working for Meelparvai Media Unit (publishers of Meelparvai fortnightly) struggling with his wife and 3 kids to find a shelter .
With the help of Almighty Allah he has found a piece of land in Katugastota . It cost Rs 450,000 for the land. The estimate cost to build a small house in it is 600,000. Masha Allah the Muslim Foundation for Culture & Development (MFCD)  has donated Rs 350,000.  He has borrowed a sum of Rs 100,000 which he determines to repay the loan in in 20 monthly installments of  Rs 5,000 from his salary  .
Now he is in need of Rs 150,000/- from a donor/ donors which will enable him to move to a permanent settlement.
Could you please give him hand through any of your projects?
From Suhaib M:
Assalamu Alaikum,
Br. Haris is known to me and I have visited his old rented house at Katugastota, last year he come to Dubai on a visit and tried for job in UAE, now settled in Sri Lanka.
If any one interested to contribute please let me know, Insha Allah I will be transferring SLRs. 25,000/- and my Brother in Sri Lanka also agreed to deposit Rs. 25,000/-.
Jazakallahu khair.
For banking info: ALM Banking Info.

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