Assalamu alaikum.

Still the re settled Muslims  in Mannar are at a very poor state. They are not being helped by the government nor by the community in any significant level. One of their  urgent need is to have toilets which can be put up at a mere cost of Rs.35,000 each by utilization of  their won labor.
At present even young girls of most families are forced to go to open spaces to fulfill their basic toilet  needs. This indeed  is a shameful state  of affairs.
Would you like to help them to build at least one single toilet? One toilet will be used by  at least 10 families. Contrary  to common belief, remember this too is a sadaqathul jariya as long as it is being used and you can pay from your zakath too since these are all zakath eligible people.
Let us build  at least 100 toilets to start with for these disadvantaged people

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