Assalamu alaikum warahamthullahi wabarakathuhu

The pretty young girl you see in the 1st picture  looks like this now ( see picture 2) due  to a reaction to a common drug given to her for a simple illness. Besides she is almost blind now as both her eyes are affected totally.
A special surgery to be performed next week on her by a visiting Indian surgeon to give at least a little vision is going to cost Rs. 4 lakhs. Her  parents are very poor and could hardly bear the cost of the medicines she needed so far. They collected about two lakhs from well wishers which has been spent on the initial treatment and have only about Rs.80,000 in hand.

No one who goes to see her return without crying at her change of  appearance.
Please help her. Please contribute whatever you can even a fifty rupees. Those who want to go and see and give the money directly can contact Mr. Rafid on 0778788569
For all Remittances: ALM Banking Info.

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