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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

There is a family of 5 in Mabole –the parents & 3children who are reverts, who have no home to stay.

Actually one of the children, girl was disabled- could not even lift the head up. Someone told the mother if you ask Allah, he will cure it. Believing that Allah will cure her. The mother became a muslim & true to the world. Alhamdhulillah now the girl can sit up & the whole family became devote practicing muslims.

They have no home. The father is a labourer & some kind hearted people have collected some money for them to buy a piece of land for which they are short of rest Rs.30,000/-.

Her brothers who are non-muslims have promised to help her to put up a house if they have the land.

Would you like to help her even partially?

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Alhamdhulillah, the fund was given by three donors respectively Rs.15,000/-, Rs.13,000/- & Rs.2,000/- to fulfill this task. May Allah bless them & their family!


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