Assalamu alaikum.
As you all are ware rains are causing havoc in Sri Lanka. Today 600 people in Maligawathe and about 1000 people in Mabole have left their homes and are in makeshift homes in schools and mosques. the government has only give dry rations for two meals within the last three days. Many went hungry last night and today for lunch.

We have already contacted the ministry of disaster management and we understand the relief will come only after a lot of red tape. Till then we have an obligation to provide for the basic needs of these people in need.

Many of their houses had been washed away totally including all their possessions. Some have only the wet clothes that they’re wearing. We are trying hard to provide immediate relief which at present is food and clothes. Anyone who can either visit them or send any donations, dry rations, clothes or milk food, please contact Al Muslimaath on 011 2736577 or Dr Reffai on 0777 707775 or Mrs Naima Misly on 011 2943211 / 0716423197.

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