Assalamu Alaikum!

Recently I went to Kurugoda Boys’ school to give a motivational lecture to the teachers. The name is only Boys’ school but it is a mixed school. 95% of the teachers are females.

Though this is a small school, it shows the best percentage of O/L results -about 50%, among the Muslim schools in Katugastota area. Once earlier too they produced the best Grade 5 results in Kandy district.

This school is built on a slope and the buildings are connected by several flight so steps. I found to my horror at some places the steps were so broken that it was dangerous to climb them. However the department has not taken any interest in repairing them in spite of the requests and the parents are not from affluent group.

the repair of these steps will cost only around Rs.20,000.

Sadqathul jariya.

Would you like to help even partly?

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