Assalamu Alaikum!

Suriyagama a mainly a Sinhalese village with a few Muslim families, nestled in the dry zone of Anuradhapura District and has a population of 100 families and is in urgent need of a well for drinking water.

This village is surrounded by 3 Muslim villages-all of which have been provided with community wells for purpose of drinking water by various NGOs and are hoping that someone would improve their drinking water facility as well.

Presently they have a small hole dug like a well- with weeds and grass around it. Hira is handling the project and hoping to spread the message of Islam-whilst doing this project. This has been confirmed as an act of Sadaqathul Jariya by the learned Moulavi’s.

Please try to help!

Total Cost 150,000/-

Presently we have been pledges about 40,000/-

Two donors funded, each 5,000/- to give a suport to this task. May Allah bless them & their family!

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