Assalamu alaikum.

We’ve a mother who approached us to put her children into orphanages. She has 2 children, a boy of 8 and a girl of 4. The girl has a blind eye due to an accident where her brother dropped a knife accidently. It can’t be repaired.
This mother was married to an indian when she went to work as a housemaid and had 2 kids and later found out he has a wife already. He keeps calling her that he’ll come back but he never does. The younger one, has never seen the father.
Her family is’nt able to look after her, so she wanted to leave them in orphanages and go abroad to work as a housemaid to feed them. We stopped her from going abroad and took her children into our Darun Nusra. She’s able to do manual work only as she’s uneducated. We’ve put the children to schools, The Boy – Meelad School, Dehiwala, The Girl – our Nursery,Al Afseer, Dehiwala. The cost of taking care of all of  them is about Rs. 5000/- a month.
Will you be able to help?

A donor – 10,000/-
A donor –  5,000/-  monthly
A donor –  (Shan Shamsudeen)

Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah bless them & their families!

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