Assalamu Alaikum,
An orphan from Central Province was brought to our notice who has lost her parents and was looked aftered by her unmarried and sick uncle. They lived in a shack and she had to go to the neighbour’s where there were non-mahram men to, sleep.
We took her into our ummul mu’mineen and educated her for the last 4 months. NOW we understand the shack is also falling down & the uncle is too sick and cannot take care of her anymore. Until she get married we will take her to our House Of Benovolence – Darun Nusra and train her to work at our training centre at the garment factory, insha allah. However we need a sponsor to pay for her food and other requirements, atleast 4000/- per month will cost, a year – 48,000/-
Would someone help her please?

A donor – 10,000/-
A donor – (for a year) 48,000/-
A donor – (for a year) 49,700/-
A donor –  10,000/-
A donor –  4,000/-

Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah bless them & their families!

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