(195) Convert family of 14 Members [needs housing-Rs.200,000-]

Assalamu alaikum,
This young boy from a church going christian family, 11 yrs and had some good muslim frnds and was attracted to islam. He started praying and fasting with them in spite of the family protesting. Since he was the only son of 5 girls they allowed him to follow his own desire. Last ramazan – at the age of 19 he opted to get circumised and the family altogether 13of them including the husbands and children of the sis had a change of mind and accepted islam.
They did not seek nor recieve zakah from any other muslims so far. Only help they got is from a non muslim neighbour who put up a toilet! Thats too after embrassing islam!
The father is a muncipal council labourer and they live in a 1 perch house. Now the next door ppl whose roof is joint to theirs are raising theirs, this means this house will also be broken and have to rebuild. While doing this if they’ve about 200,000/- they can put up a room upstairs too, with only the pillars (without the walls) for them to ease the congestion.

Would’u be able to help?

A donor – 100,000/-
A donor – 50,000
A donor – 50,000/-
A donor -10,000/-
A donor- 3,000/-

Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah bless them & their families!


1. Porvathy Alias Kadija                        –                           46 years (mother)
2. Velu alias Abdur Rahman                 –                           48 years (father)
3. Chandra Kala alias Sharmila           –                           28 years (daughter)
4. Chandran alias Umair                         –                          20 years  (son)
5. Vasanthi alias Aysha                           –                          16 years  (daughter)
6. Nandani alias Shariffa                         –                          13 years  ( daughter)

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