Assalamu alaikum,

A poor lady who works as a servant in houses, brought a girl of 12 years to us saying that she cannot look after anymore, as she and her husband,  they themselves are struggling to survive.
It’s not her daughter. She has met a begger, who’se the father of this girl & was going to hand over her to a non muslim org; Since he left she’s not safe while he went around begging & this lady has taken her under for shelter. The mother is said to be a bad character who’ll sell her for pittance. We dont have facilities at present for such little girls. She needs to be enrolled in a school as she seems to be an intelligent child and has learnt to read and write, somehow.
No orphanage will take her, to my knowledge, “unless the father is dead” for otherwise the child is “not an orphan”.
This is not the only case. There are many more.
There is a 4 year Muslim boy in one of the state run “welfare” homes in Wellawatte. It will be a long process to remove him from there. Until then he will grow up practically as a Non Muslim. We are working on this case now.
There is a 14 year old child who is undergoing psychiatric treatment at present due to all abuse she went through in her childhood. She is under our care at present.  She is sponsored at present alhamdulillah. But… What does the future hold for her? There are 2 sisters one almost 32 and the other 18, both of them became reverts who are with us now. How long can we look after them? We are giving them vocational training so that they can survive on their own. But what about their marriage?
Then there are some, whom some Muslim boys promised to marry, brought to us to teach Islam and then ditched them to get married to muslim girls. These girls are with us.
This is just the tip of the ice berg we at our Darun Nusra nature.
We need help atleast to feed these children, educate them and teach them a vocation so that they will not depend on others for life.
Would you like to sponsor atleast one child? Each child costs us 5000/- per month all inclusive.

A donor 5000/- per month paid to Darun Nusra.
(for three months- 15,318/-

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