Assalamu alaikum,
We at almuslimaath will be initatign a project to plant one million trees in sri lanka, insha allah. Ambitious, true but very timely. What with escalation of gas prices and the sky rocketing of the cost of living this could be multi purposed.
The tree Glyceria apparently is very quick to grow and will mature in 6 months for fire wood. Meanwhile, the leaves can be fodder for the cattle. The tree will grow again once cut for firewood.
We get many appeals for parapet walls which costs millions. Why not have plants as fences which will save the enviroment as well as for above mentioned purposes?
We also intend to help planting shrubs which will reduce erosion of the slopes which have caused a lot of damage due to the rains in recent times.
We intend to start this with schools and will also help single mothers as a mode of income.
We welcome ideas, advice and any help towards this cause.
Any schools wich would like to be part of this program please contact us immediatly- this is the best time to plant since it is raining torrently!

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