Assalamu alaikum,
As usual rain is playing havoc in Mabole and many of the roads leading to the shanty homes are under water.
We recieved an appeal from the Naiduwa area yesterday – they need atleast 50,000/- for earth filling to make it possible for the people to walk to their homes for soil and transport.

Many women on this road are single women with children so they are unable to find the money to do this.

Nowadays, they’ve to wade through water, which reaches up to their waist, even inside their homes. A child almost drowned in this water and was saved in the nick of the time.
Meanwhile, if anyone who knows where we can get soil free – say from an area where they are excavating, pls let us know so that we can get it transported for filling.

Banking Info:

Jazakallahu Khairan, a donor donated US$ 200/-. May Allah bless him & his family!

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