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Khadija’s husband converted her to Islam and then deserted her leaving 2 sons for her to bring up. Her parents had cut her off and she has had no help from her husband’s relatives either.

Earning her living by sewing and with the help of kind donors she managed to survive fairly comfortably for 18 years. Now she is sick and unable to work.

One son is 19 years old and just finished his A’Levels and waiting for his results. He wants to study Marketing in Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. The 2nd son is 18 years old who has finished doing hisO’Levels and now doing hotel school management at Lankan Int. Hotel Schools.

The House she is living is now rented, the owners have asked her to leave unless she can pay the next years rent advance. The kind donors who have been helping her with the rent have said they cannot help anymore. The rent for the house is Rs.6000/- per month. If she is to pay the monthly the rent will be more.

She says if someone could pay the rent for her for the next 3 years then her sons would have finished their education and be able to stand on their own feet. Insha Allah.

Can someone please help this poor lady please?

Banking info

A Donor – $100

A Donor – 6000

A Donor – 6000

Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah bless them & their families!

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