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Assalamu Alaikum WW

Recently a father of 13 died in the hospital when he was mercilessly beaten up by some people when he went to inquire about a fight between his child and some neighbour’s child.

This father died in the hospital and the wife is in Iddah in a shed.

4 children had been taken away by the relatives to look after. One daughter is mentally retarded.

She has no income whatsoever and the house in which they live is can fall down any time.

She needs help to feed the children while she Is in Iddah and later put up the house.

At least Rs.5000 a month for 4 months should be provided.

(167) Widow with 13 children needs help1

13 children
6 boys
7 girls
3 married to very poor people
One girl (18 y.o) disabled
Living in a rented house
At present in Iddah
Need to buy s house for her
2 available – one for 3 lakhs and another for 5 lakhs
The children need helping with education
A Donor – 20,000/-

A Donor – 25,000/-

A Donor – 16,000/- + 5000/-

A Donor – 20,000/- (5,000 x 4 months)

A Donor – 335,000/- (to build the house)

A Donor – 2,000/- (monthly for some months)

A Donor – 12,000/-
Alhamdhulillah, the fund was given by many donors to fulfill this task.

Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah bless them & their families!


(167) Widow with 13 children needs help


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