(162) 8 mth Baby Mohamed Alan son of Moulavi – hole in the heart

Assalamu Alaikum WW

We received an appeal from Rajoos Moulavi (Lecturer – College for Islamic Studies – Male’, who also conducts Friday Religious Classes for Sri Lankan Muslims) has a 8-month old baby son – Mohamed Allam. This baby has detected to have 2 holes in his heart, the baby has to undergo high risk open heart surgery, which is due in November 2007. The estimate cost is of the surgery is SL Rs.800,000 and we have collected Rs.400,000

We seek you generous contributions towards saving this baby’s life, Insha Allah.

The Family has already appealed to the president’s fund. Officers have contacted the family from AGA’s office as well for verification. However nothing has got materialized up to now. Overall estimated cost for the treatment is Rs.800,000 (This includes 400K for the surgery and and additional 400K for hospital/medical expenses). Presently family has up to Rs.400,000 which excludes Presidential Fund Contribution.

They are to do the surgery in November.

Banking Info:


A Donor – 25,000

A Donor – 10,000

May Allah bless them & their families! Jazakallah!

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