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There is a 2 month old baby girl who needs a heart surgery. The surgical cost at Apollo is 3 1/2 lakhs. The parents have applied to the president funds and it looks like they may get 100k. I contacted Baithulmal aand they may give them around 15k as well. From our society, islamic welfare society we have managed to give them 30k, and the father of the girl mentioned that there is another wellwisher who is planning to give them 25k as well.
My sister who is a doctor who is a doctor has looked at the reports as well. At the moment the girl is hospitalised in a Govt. Hospital.
The uncle of the child is an auto driver and known to me personally.
If there is a way your association can cover part of the cost, it will help them tremendously.
If there is a possibility please let me know so that I can ask them to come and meet you with all the documents.
Banking Info.
A Donor from Kandy – Rs.40,000/-
A Donor – Rs.5,000/-

Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah bless them & their families!

Alhamdhulillah, Surgery Completed Successfully!

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