Assalamu Alaikum!

This is from Moulaviya Noorul Ayn Ismail Siddique (Dr Siddique’s wife from Kandy.)
As I have mentioned to you on the phone sometime back, we have, Alhamdu lillah, established a “Centre for Arabic Studies” (CAS) in Kandy with the objective of teaching Qur-an with Thajweed, Islamic studies, Arabic language and conducting ladies study circles (halqa). We had to plans to visit Al Muslimath, but due to circumstances beyond our control we could not make it. Insha Allah we will make another effort in the near future.

One of our co-objectives is to find financial assistance to those brothers and sisters who are less previleged, orphans, the disabled, widows, cancer patients and low income students.

I am writing to seek your valuable advice in helping a poor Muslim sister who has a brain tumour (astrocytoma) and had been prescribed chemotherapy (following surgery) by Dr Hilmy, Consultant Oncologist, General Hospital, Kandy.
She has to take Temozolamide 300mg for five days each month for one year. The tablet costs about Rs 50,000/= per month.(Total estimated cost is Rs 600,000/=)

She is 31 years old with four children. Her husband is a daily wage earner. Last year she applied for the President’s fund but it didn’t materialize so far.

As our centre is a newly established one with not much of potential for helping her with such a large amount, we are seeking your kind advice and vast resources in this regard. We managed to collect about Rs 60,000/= just enough to buy medicine for one month and she has not had drugs now for more than two months, with the doctor advising the higher dose to compensate.( from 250 mg to 300mg)

I attach the oncologist’s letter in support.

Mrs Noorul Ayn Ismail

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