1. Uni/Medical, Sammanthurai, Deserving, Female
She is a 2nd year medical student in the Sri Jayawardhanapura University. Her parents were teachers therefore she is not eligible for any scholarships including the Mahapola. She’s the eldest of 4. Her 1st sister is an undergrade in the Ciliate Uni in Sammanthurai. The others are still schooling. Her father who retired in 2005Dec has still not recieved his pension. Her mother passed away in 2006 of diabetes which took a toll on their finances.

2. B.Sabrina, Uni/Medical, 22 years, Mawanella, Deserving, Female
She’s a medical student in the rajarata univercity. They are refugees and are originally from Mannar. She has arrived v. Good results in her O’ level and A’ level exams.

3. A’Level/Science, Kattankudy, Desrving, Female
She cis studying in BT /Meera Balika Maha Vidyala, Kattankudy. She achieved A in 10 subjects in G.C.E O’levels in 2006. She is now continuing her studies in BT/Muslim Madya Maha Vid…, Kuttankudy. They are Tsunami victims. Her bro who is the only bread winner in the family died and her father is disable. They are still living in a hut as Tsunami victims.

4. Uni/Arts, Kalpitiya, Deserving, Female
She is doing a degree in islamic studies and Arabic Language in S.E. Uni Sri Lanka. She is in her first year. They are refugees and 7 are in the family. 5 including her are studying. Father is a mental patient, since the time they have been displaced. Mother is a daily wage earner.

5. Arts, 22 years, Mutur, Desrving, Female
She is studying as a second year student in the univercity of peradeniya in the arts faculty. Her father is a labourer and a daily wage earner. The family consists of 5 members. She has an older brother and an older sister.

6. Twin A- Info. Technology, Male, 23 years, Mutur, Deserving, Male.
7. Twin B- Physical Sci., 23 years, Mutur, Desrving, Male.
Twin A and B are brothers. One is in the univercity of Moratuwa and the other is in the south eastern univercity. Father is a retired security officer who worked at the sri lanka ports athourity. He gets a pension of Rs. 6000 per month. There is one sister who is schooling

8. Management Akkaraipattu, Deserving, Male.
His father is a farmer and their monthly income is Rs.12,000. He is studying in the south eastern univercity. He has 3 sisters who are also studying. His father finds it difficult to pay for all the childrens education.

9. Arabic & Islam, Aalankuda, Deserving, Female.
She is studying in the Islahiyya Ladies Arabic College. She hails from a poor family. She has 5 sisters all of whom are studying. They are Refugees. Father is a labourer and daily wage earner.

10. A’Level, Balapitiya, Deserving, Female.
She wants to do her A’Levels in Colombo. They’re Tsunami victims. Father has no job and has 2 siblings.

11. Colombo, 23 years, Ragama, Deserving, Female.
She is in the University of Colombo, she has a brother who is in small ime bussiness aged 27 & another brother who is 18 years no job. One sister is studying in the University of Peradeniya.

12. Arts, 22 years, Siyambalagasputuwa, Deserving, Female.
She is in the Faculty of Art & is a 2nd year student in the University of Colombo. She has a brother ho is foing his A’Levels. Father is a patient.

13. Arts, Thoppur, Deserving, Male.
He is a 3rd year Art student in the SE University. He has 7 members in his family. One sister is in Kaleliya Arabic College and the rest are schooling. They lost their Paddy Field, Coconut Palms, House and belongings during the past terrorist activities and now living in Kantalai Refugee Camp.

14. Engineering, 22 years, Earavoor, Deserving, Male.
He is a 2nd year student in the University of Moratuwa. Hos course is Transport and Logistics Managements. Father is a labourer. He has a brother and sister. Father is ill now and unable to take care of the family. They live in a hut.

15. A’Level, Puttalam, Deserving, Female.

16. Uni/Arts, 25 years, Mawanella, Deserving, Female.
Her family consists of her parents + 3 sisters. Father is working in the Haram Shareef and is earning Rs.18,000 per month, of which he keeps Rs.2000 for himself and sends the balance to his family. All the girls are of Marriagable Age. And the amount is hardly enough for basic necessities. She has sisters aged 26, 23 & 20.

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