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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

He is from a respectable family from Hambanthota. His father was a lawyer & he got admission to Russian University for the Medical (MBBS) course.

The Tsunami brought the first calamity & they lost everything -the house & possessions, all wiped out. They did not get any compensation. Somehow the father tried & financed him but recently his father too expired in March 2007 having had kidney failure, Innah lillahi WIR.

The mother is in Iddah. She has no one else to help her. She also has a younger son who is schooling.

Now he is facing the problem of how to continue the studies. He needs a minimum of Rs.15,000/- (150 USD) per month.

He is in the 3rd year now. He has three more years to compleat his studies.

Would you like to help him?

Even a month’s expenditure or even part of it will be appreciated.

Banking Info



sponsorship beginning Auguest 2007 for three years period.


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