(107A) Three Sadaqathul Jariya Opportunities

Assalamu Alaikum.

1) Doowathe in Mabole Area has a well in a very bad state. Recently a child fell into it since the wells are all broken down. Some 150 families will benifit from this meritorious act. At precent the men & women all bathe arround- we intend to built a partition in the middle with a parapet wall round so that there will be privacy when bath, Insha Allah.

Repairing & building cost Rs. 75000/-

2) panagamuwa is a very very poor village in the central province. The mosque here needs repairing & painting and the estimate cost is Rs.50,000/-

Panagamuwa Moaque, Central Province

3) The Paanagamuwa Muslim Vidyalaya, has grades upto 8 but has only 5 teachers. Since accessibility is also not easy, the government teachers do not like to go there. However if we can pay Rs.2000/- (20 USD) per teacher per month, 3 volentary teachers can be employed. There are interested eldes in the PTA who will supervise the work. Rs.6000/-x 12= Rs.72,000 will make a huge different in the life of these poor people, Inshallah!



A Doner for the well 500$
a donor well 100,000/- +mosque 5000/- + teachers 6000/-

May Allah bless them & their family!


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