Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

This young girl walked into one shop one day asking for some guidance and she was sent to us!
She is born to non Muslims; the parents seperated, the girl was given to the father. Her step mother ill treated her so she went in search of the mother, who is living with another man. She refused to take the girl in. She has no other siblings.

21 years old, she has been reading about Islam earlier, wants to revert, but after knowing more about the religion.
She needs assistance with food and lodging which will cost about Rs. 4000 per month. The education we will give free insha Allah.
Can someone sponsor her expenditure please? At least pledge for a month or so.




18.4.2007 Help is pouring for this girl. Upto now about Rs. 100,000 has been pledged. we are not limiting the donations since she will need help for life, until we get her married or make her stand on her own feet, insh aallah. she is studyign at our ummul mu’mineen at present. see link.

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