Assalamu alikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu
I received this appeal recently. I know this team who are doing a very good service with whatever they have. Consist of young moulavias and friends. Such colleges, if established in each area of Srilanka, we can groom well knowledgeable young women who will take the initiative to establish Islamic life in her own family and surrounding.
Please do help.

Darul Mu’minaath Association -Weligama
Dear Sister In Islam,
Assalamualikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

Fund raising for Muslim Ladies Arabic college and Islamic Pre School

As you are aware we have been implementing many fruitful projects for the last two years in order to uplift the religious, educational, cultural,social and economical aspects of the Muslim women of Weligama area . Alhamdulillah.
Following are details of our projects

i. Islamic pre school
ii. For women:
i Aqeeda classes
ii. Lectures on janaza retiulas
iii. Hygienic training based on Quran and sunna
iv.Residential ladies program on important Islamic aspects
vi.Monthly Tharbiyya training classes
iii.Specialised medical services (i.e seminar on diabates, eye clinics )

We have been carrying out our Islamic pre school with meager facilities from 2005.
In order to resolve many social problems of this area we have planned to inaugurate a Ladies’ Arabic college, Insha Allah as soon as possible.
This is mainly aimed to educate the local girls who cannot attend the arabic colleges in other parts of the country mainly due to poverty. We have found a place where both the preschool and the Arabic college can be conducted fora monthly rental of Rs. 8000/=
Estimated expenditure to maintain such Arabic college comprising 40 student and a preschool of 70 kids respectively are shown below.

We need assistance for the following:
Rent of the building for two years RS 192,000.00
If anyone can donate some computers, new or used, this will help us to modernise the training.
We intend to cover the other costs with the payment from the students. We humbly solicit the donors to bear the expenditure fully or partially which will help the Muslims of this area tremendously. M ay almighty Allah shower His choicest blessing upon you and all dear to you.
Jazakallahu Khair.

………………….. …………………..
President Secretary
Moulavia Aisha Mihardeen Eidul Farhana



Update: 13.4.2007

so far Rs. 100,000 received for rental.

20.4.2007 – A used computer in workign condition has been donated by almuslimaath for this madrasa. More funds are needed to run this place.

3.7.2007 : A donor came forward to give apremises for free. Now the money is used for the furniture and the facilities, alhamdulillah.


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