Can you believe it? There are over 10,000 children – Muslims, who are above the age of 7 years who had not been circumcised merely due to financial restrictions.

We intend to do atleast 1000 children’s circumcision within 3 months insha Allah. We collected from Lankamuslims are collecting donations from individual donors. So far we have financed 750 circumcisions at the rate of only Rs. 700 per child.

AUMSA, Jamathe Islamiya and HIRA are doing the circumcision for us.

Still seeking donations to complete 10000.

Everyone of you, Please send at least for one single child’s circumcision.

A novel SMS campaign was started at 8p.m. on 10th April for this cause

and so far (8.5.2007)donations for over 3500 cases have been pledged, alhamdulillah!

and we have comleted over 1350 cases so far and the campaign is going on.

A big bouquet for those who came forward to make this campaign so successsful! jazakallahu khair. Next program will be at Anuradhapura insha allah.

3.7.2007 We have done 2150 cases so far and still continuing. alhamdulillah!

5.7.2007 : we hve doen 2221 cases so far.

6.9.2007 : We have received another donation for 500 cases – alhamdulillah.

Let’s make it 10,000 Insha Allah.

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