As all of us are aware, Islam prescribes many ways to see that there is an equalization among the people, the rich and the poor. Sadaqathul fithra and ulhiya are means to achieve these ends – to see all the Muslims – every single Muslim has something to eat on the festival day.

So isn’t it only fair that we make sure as many as possible, every single child /adult in our own vicinity has new clothes too on the festival day as much as we will have? as much as our children will have?

Every year Almuslimaath tries to bring joy and solace to the poor, insha Allah. Specially around the festival time. By organizing to distribute new clothes to those who are struggling to have single decent meal. A child’s dress costs around Rs. 350/= (2.5 USD) and an adult’s around Rs. 1500 – 2000/= (10-15 USD) .

Would you like to be part of this worthwhile plan and donate at least for one child?


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