Update: This project is fully subscribed, alhamdulillah!  closed for donations.

Assalamu alaikum.

As usual this year too Almuslimaath will be doing ulhiya and distribute the meat to the poor insha Allah.

A cow in Colombo is Rs.52500 and share is Rs.7500.
A goat is Rs.14000 &
A cow in other areas can vary from Rs. 45000 to 50000

Anyone who wants the ulhiya to be done can send the money to Almuslimaath or can come and hand over personally at the office.
We can either distribute the meat to the poor or if you wish, you can pick up the meat and distribute it as you please.

Contributions will be accepted till the 4th of October insha Allah. We can advance the money if you pledge the amount too.

Ulhiya 2014

Jazakallah for the donors who funded us to fulfilled this project. 

May Allah bless them & their families!

Project completed, alhamdhulillah!

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