(110) Different kind of appeal

We usually come with the “begging bowl” but for Allah’s sake but this time we come with the bowl full, asking who wants to use the funds, alhamdulillah!

1.We have pledges received (and still receiving) for about 3500 circumcisions, and we are doing the circumcisions through AUMSA, HIRA AND JI. Also through some individuals.
We have started in Trinco and have planned for 700 cases there. We also are doing at present in Kaluthura, Galle and Central province. All praise to Allah alone.

If there are any areas known to you which has more than 10 un-circumcised boys at one place anywhere in Srilanka do let us know.

Also let us know whether there is a osthad mama who can do this locally and whether you /or anyone can organise the project.

We will send someone to monitor the actual procedure or we will send a team in due time to get this done.

We intend to do every single case awaiting circumcision in Srilanka insha Allah.
anyway keep the money flowing in, for our target is 10,000 (estimated number)

2. Whenever we ask for wells to be done for Rs. 150,000 or less, we get over subscribed! Alhadmulillah! so if any of you know where a water project is needed – for a settlement or for a mosque do let us know the details including the estimate.

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