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Tree planting is a Sadaqatul Jariya. (continuing charity even after death). We promoted this event on Birthdays instead of spending our time and resources on parties.

Birthdays are not important to us. We don’t celebrate it in any way. But planting trees are good for all living beings and may god accept our good intention. We are not in the business of bringing an innovation to the religion .

Rainco Chairman S.L.M. Fauzse set the trend 4 years ago to start planting trees and my son Nafis Siddeeque birthday also fall on the same day 25th August. So we planted a number of trees on this day for the last 4 years. As some of you know , we planted in Dambulla city, Baseline railway station, in home gardens of mainly in Kandy districts (1100 + Jac & Mango trees) and this year in MITT in Mawanella. If any one else birthday falls on the same day let us know. We will be happily to include. You can also let us know if your birthday should be remembered by planting trees.

Attached are pictures of the event yesterday at MITT in Mawanella (25/8/13). We planted 2 Mee trees, 1 Kohomba and 1 Ehala. These are Ayurveda herbal trees with aesthetic value in addition to their original properties. (We are waiting for RDA and authorities approval to plant more trees along high ways in Kandy)

Mr. Anura who work for the Forest department in Kegalle delivered the trees to the site and helped the planting. The Kohomba and Ehala tree were his donation. This was a good day for him. His child is going to grade-5 scholarship exam and he wants to make merit. We appreciate his intention and companionship with us at the time some so called communal minded Buddhists are destroying the harmony between communities.

With this event we hope to start on the landscape project of the MITT (Mawanella Institute of Technical Training )

Best regards.

Hilru M.Siddeeque
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Tree planting

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