Need approval for committee meeting held month of Sept 2015

Date : 21st September 2015

Venue : At the head office, 02, Botheju Avenue, Off School Lane, Station Road, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka

1) It was suggested that Fathima Innath adds the minutes of the Committee meetings to our website.
Fathima was also asked to maintain an events diary where all members will have to coordinate and enter events so that our website can be maintained and kept alive.

2) The Committee & staff were told to come forward and speak out freely and voice their opinion, because everyone’s opinion is of utmost value for the success of Almuslimaath. “Fear Only Allah”

3) Hishama suggested that we have a separate programm for reverts and working girls on Saturdays.

4) A meeting for empowerment applicants will be held next month. Only widows and Single mothers will be helped for empowerment. If there is a man in the family they will be asked to approach other org.

5) 20 students will be given free AMI course as we have got a sponsor for them. This is applicable only to those who follow our ummul moomineen 4 months course which they will have to pay for. Concession can be given for this too to deserving students.

6) Khairun Nissa to be informed about organizing a Marriage counseling Session in October. It will be for couples and will be in a hall.

7.Star printers donated 1200 Iqra books.This will be distributed to poor children in Madrasas. Sharmila Hafeez is in charge of this project.

8) The boy’s schools premises has been asked back by the owner. Members kindly look forward to find another premises in Dehiwela.

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