Almuslimaath arranged a Farewell for Mrs.Faiza Rilla at the head office last Monday, on 25th of September, 2017 ?
Commitee members participated in this event.

To Madam Faiza Rila ?

You joined as the Principal of Alasaafeer International School in 2005 and have served the school for 12 long years.

From just a nursery it has been developed into a fully fledged school catering to children upto Grade 11 , and branched out into a Boys’ section too during your period of leadership.

You had managed the school in such a way, today it is a respected and coveted school for not only English education but also for discipline and proficiency in English.

You had very good rapport with the parents and the teachers and had been always very soft spoken and amenable.

Almuslimaath is eternally thankful for your services and wish you well in this world and pray for the best the next world too.

Jazakallah Khairan!


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