Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide To Self-Confidence

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Low self-confidence and low self-esteem issues are one of the most common obstacles to achieving success. People from all walks of life can stumble upon this hurdle, preventing them from achieving their dreams and goals
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Muslims are not immune to this problem either. However, what the majority of our ummah does not know is that Islam gives several practical tips and techniques to help you overcome these problems and raise your head high with confidence to ace through in dunya and akhirah. Our history is filled with awe inspiring and jaw dropping examples to help you get motivated to be the best version of yourself, in turn helping you fulfil your purpose and utilize your talent to the fullest inshaAllah.
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This book, BEST OF CREATION by IOU’s Faculty Manager, Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar,  will assist you in achieving all this and more by helping you:

1. Gain practical steps and tips for boosting your confidence
2. Gain the necessary confidence to pursue your life goals
3. Understand the role of Tawheed, Tawakul, and Sabr in boosting confidence Learn the difference between confidence and arrogance
4. Overcome myths and misconceptions about confidence
5. Understand the causes of low self-confidence

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Ismail Kamdar’s new book provides exactly the right balance between Islam and the psychological aspects behind confidence, Masha’Allah. The author of this book does a brilliant job in offering action points that are easy to implement, regardless of your knowledge of Islam and level of practicing.
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