Every last Saturday of the month
At 2, Botheju Avenue, Off School Lane, Off Staion Raod, Dehiwela. Tp +94 11 2736577
A day for revert sisters to learn and to get integrated into the main Muslim society.

We intend to help the revert sisters understand the importance of the decision they have taken with the help of Allah in becoming a Muslim. This program is to help them practice Islam to their fullest capacity overcoming the various discouraging factors in the environment.Main objective is to increase their faith and to take the Sahaabah’s way of practicing Islam as examples in their day to day life. Once a month they get together for a friendly meal and studying, discussing, getting help about their personal problems or just to develop sister-hood. They are given in house training at Darun Nusra if they prefer to stay and learn. They are taught individually as a day scholar by our members too.

Also we discuss the problems faced by reverts and give them practical solutions as much as possible. Recital of Quran and method of prayers are taught in our Office. Islamic books and Qurans are given free to them whenever necessary. Assistance is given to obtain reversion certificates, Identity cards, changing names and getting married. We also provide interest free loans to revert sisters who want to start up their own businesses.

This project is going on years.

Pl invite the revert to participates in our monthly programme. Jazakallah!

Dated: March 24 2015

Dr.Mareena Thaha Reffai

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